Verbose-Verbum Thesaurus

This is a glossary and thesaurus of special Biblical gems from English, Aramaic, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.



Pinoh, Hebrew,  used in reference to the cornerstone.

homiletics, English, the analysis, classification, preparation, composition and delivery of sermons

ficus bonas, Latin, “Good Figs”

Filoque, Spanish – “And from the Son”
Reductio Ad Absurdum, Latin – “To reduce to absurdity”

homo ousion, Greek – “Of the same substance”

logia theochresta, “sayings delivered by God”

inexhaustable,  English, “the unlimited creativity of God’s own nature”

Soteriology, from Soter, “the study of Salvation”

Apostle, “One who is sent”, There are two main categories, and as many as five.

Apologetics, “A defense of the faith”

Epistle, “a writing sent to a group of people”

Hermeneutics, “the art of interpretation of written texts”

Q, Quelle, means source, or a common source of the gospels

Ecumenical, representation of the whole body of churches, unifying

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