Fortnight Newsletter

Lord Jesus, guide this fortnight newsletter. 

The Lord is Holy, the Lord IS One.

There are so many things to tell you. Where to begin? We are throwing a barbeque with a highland rock & roll theme. Scottish and Irish rock. The party is free. Bring a date. Friday the 23rd of Nov., 7:00-Until

This Sunday was awesome, may next Sunday be able to rival it! Soon we’ll be celebrating St. Andrew’s day

Advent is arriving soon also, so be ready. We are going to sing traditional hymns and celtic rock ballads.

Before you know it, X-mas is here, and then we’ll all have two months to recharge and hibernate.

The Sanctus Benedictus fellowship is a part of the Ministry. We are taking applications for new members starting in January 2013.

Come to the Barbeque and partake in the majesty that is Fall in Bermuda.

Our newsletter is going to include a bachelor’s section with info about Graduations and New Jobs, and also family section with news about Baptisms, Weddings, Births and those passed  to life after Death.

Have a splendid work-week and a holy Sabbath. Bless.


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