The Christian Program

Learn to utilise the word to find the Will of Abba.
Follow these 24 steps and arm yourself for any spiritual dilemma.

1. Read the Holy Bible. Start with the New Testament book of John.

2. Get a notebook and start a daily prayer book.

3. Find the right church.

4. Discern your higher calling by listening to what ordained pastors are aiming at in their sermons.

5. Form a relationship with Jesus of Nazareth. Call on him and pray to him as a cherished friend.

6. Seek out Christian relationships in every area of your life, your family, your work, and circle of friends.

7. Read the Old Testament carefully. There are hidden bits of wisdom, some apparent, and some you must search for by drawing-out the word.

8. Believe as if your life depended upon it, and Christ will go ahead to prepare a place for you in the hereafter kingdom.

9. Be cleansed by water, and the Holy Spirit.

10. Be baptised.

11. Search out the spirits of God.

12. Read revelations.

13. Find a denomination that really works for you as spiritual food.

14. Find the rest that only Christ can offer.

15. Eat healthy food, and also spiritual food.

16. Stay on the right path, the narrow way. Jesus himself is the way.

17. Be blessed. Sanctification is on the way.

18. Be humble. A humble heart is pleasing to the Lord.

19.  Learn spiritual techniques to be more than a conqueror.

20. Fight with Jesus by your side, and he is just and faithful to complete the good work that he started in you.

21. Find a way to pray with other believers daily, whether through your own seeking or through the need of another.

22. Justification

23. Anoint the sanctified body that belongs to Christ.

24. Carry the message to the four corners of the Earth.

Top Ten Rules of the Benedictines

Benedict proposes to establish a “school” in which the science of salvation shall be taught.

1. The Christian life under seventy-two precepts(Chap.4)
2. Prompt, cheerful, and absolute obedience to the superior (Chap.5)
3. Reverence of the presence of God (Chap.19)
4. Importance of manual labour, at least five hours daily(Chap.48)
5. The treatment of guests, who are to be received “as Christ Himself”(Chap.53)
6. The craftsmen of the monastery are to sell goods below the current trade price.(Chap.57)
7. The reception of strange monks as guests. (Chap.61)
8. Abbot to be chosen for his charity, zeal, and discretion.(Chap.64)
9. All shall cheerfully attempt to do whatever is commanded them.(Chap.68)
10.No striking one another. (Chap.70)

Epilogue of St. Benedict: The rule is not the ideal of perfection, but a means closer to

spiritual godliness for beginning believers.

Source: “The Rule of St. Benedict”

72 Precepts Condensed (The Lesser Known)

8. To honour all men.

9. Not to do to another what we would not have done to ourselves.

14. To relieve the poor.

25. Not to make a feigned peace.

32. Not to speak ill of such as speak ill of us, but rather to speak well of them.

33. To suffer persecution for justice sake.

34. Not to be proud.

35. Not given to wine.

37. Not drowsy.

46. To desire life everlasting with spiritual thirst.

49. To know for certain that God beholdeth us in every place.

56. Willingly to hear holy readings.

61. Not to desire to be called holy, before we be so, and first to be holy, that we may truly be called so.

63. To love chastity.

64. To hate no man.

68. To reverence the Elders.

70. For Christ’s sake to pray for our enemies.

71. To make peace with adversaries before the setting of the sun.

72. Never to despair of God’s mercy.

Behold, the tools or instruments of our spiritual profession; that reward shall be given us by our Lord as a recompense.

The workshop where all these things are to be done is the cloister of the monastery, and steadfast abiding in the Congregation.

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