The Narrow Way

Heal, Serve, Bless.
1. Conversations:

Beloved, you are gathered here today to share the Word and learn that the Word itself is able to heal, make pure, and cleanse of all unrighteousness. When we speak of mercy we are speaking of a spiritual disposition to support, assist, and nourish. This is like spiritual food. Our Lord himself said that his food was to do his father’s work.

Spiritual Law and Economics:

First things start as circular arguments, and then build off the solid ground. Law has precedent in the experience of Jacob (Rock of Jacob) (Genesis 28).

Economics has solid grounding in Issac. (Binding of Isaac, cancelling debt by being obedient) (Genesis 22)

These unite in Abraham. (Abrahamic covenant) (Genesis 15)

2. Speak and Bestow:

Power of the Word. (John 1)

Value the Word, and Be It:

3. Your Anointed Self:

Inheriting The Kingdom:

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