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  • These are spiritual questions and Christian notes.  Send us your work, writings, and other Christian information for consideration.

Relationship with the Roman church

We have the utmost respect for the Roman church. The Roman doctrine is sound and thorough, almost to a fault. Who can build upon what the Romans have set in place? The Reformed Church considers itself a catholic branch of the universal Church. Reformed theologians are like censors that check and verify documents and prevent corruption.

“You Must be Born-Again”

– My Testimony is short.  I was a rebellious teenager. I repented. I found a Cristian fellowship. I got baptised. I started to attend church. I made a few Christian friends and had fellowship with them. I moved around a lot and found churches that were welcoming. I went to Seminary for a year. I was tempted by various spirits, and the word saved me from these predicaments. I returned to my home-town. I operate on the strength of the Holy Spirit of Yeshua. I have received a heavenly anointing. This anointing covers all that I do. My prayer life has become my whole life, they are unified.

I search for lost sheep, and carry the word to the distant corners of the world.
I continue to study canonical Scripture, and expound upon the word where possible. This is exegesis.

When I bring the Word of God to a believer or an unbeliever, I always carry with me the authority and faith of the glory of the catholic* church.

Who is not against us is for us. We are more than conquerors. The victory is in Christ Yeshua the Nazorean.
I was baptised in April, 2007. This was a symbolic affirmation of the baptism of my Christening in October, 1984.


Benedict of Nursia – Sante Benedict

Lived at the Cassino monastery in Italy. Wrote the book, The Rule of Saint Benedict.

The Order of St Benedict is of later origin and, moreover, not an “order” as commonly understood but merely a confederation of autonomous congregations.


L’Abri Fellowship, a Christian retreat/study center

L’Abri has operations in a number of different countries, each staffed by workers who encourage visitors to study and consider their religious and philosophical beliefs. As of 2011, L’Abri has residential “Study Centres” in the United States (Minnesota and Massachusetts), Canada, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Sweden, as well as the original centre in Switzerland. It also has non-residential “Resource Centres”, run by friends of the organisation, in Brazil and Germany.[8][9]

A L’Abri centre is not a retreat, a commune, or a seminary, although it incorporates elements of all of these.

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